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Prevention Tips

  • Don't put yourself in a position of being alone with someone you know only casually. When dating someone news, stick to public places until you know them well enough.

  • Don't give personal biographical information to someone you have just met. Always be aware that someone may want to take advantage of your compassion. Don't assume that requests for money or physical help are legitimate.

  • In your car: Keep your doors locked at all times, even if you are leaving your car for only a short time. If you have car trouble and must stay with your car, raise your hood, get into your car, lock your doors, and wait for the police. It's usually safer not to accept help from a stranger.  At night, park in well-lighted areas. When you approach your parked car, walk confidently, have the key in your hand and look around outside and inside your car before you get in. Don't pick up hitchhikers.

  • At Home: Keep your doors locked at all times even if you leave for just a moment. Use initials rather than your first name on your mailbox and in the telephone directory. Leave your radio or television on while you are out.

  • On the phone: Avoid giving out personal information or confirming your telephone number to someone you don't know. Never say on your answering machine that you are not home, or refer to the fact that you live alone. Report any obscene phone calls to the telephone company and any personal threats you receive to the police. If you are receiving obscene call, answer your calls with your radio or television turned on a talk show so your caller will not know you are alone.

  • Outdoors: Avoid walking or jogging alone at night; if you do, follow well-lighted, well-traveled routes and vary both the time and rate of your routine. Carry protective gear such as mace or a whistle. Avoid conversations with strangers even to give directions, especially if you are in a position where you can be cornered. Don't hitchhike. Don't accept rides from strangers. If you frequent recreational places alone or with others, especially at night, be careful whom you leave the place with.

  • REMEMBER that you consent for sharing a social occasion is not consent for sex or anything else.

  • Stalking: is repetitive and directed at a specific person that places them in fear for their safety. It is illegal in all fifty states and the District of Colombia. If you are being stalked, it is important that you have a network of safe people that you can talk to, a safe place to go, a plan of action when stalking occurs, changing routes to work/school, consider changing or having an unlisted phone number, do not engage in conversation with the stalker, record all messages/ print all e-mails and texts, use a stalking log, and carry a stalking sack. A stalking stack should include: copy of a safety plan, cellphone, stalking log/notebook, watch with date, disposable camera, tape recorder, pen and paper, literature on stalking and safety planning, safety whistle, flashlight, and pepper spray/mace.