Support Services


We do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender, identity, income, ability, religion, or geography.


The helpline is answered by trained volunteers who are available to listen, support, and provide information or referrals to callers over the phone. Whether you have been victimized recently or several years ago--if you have question, if you are a friend/family member of a survivor, or if you just need someone to talk to the hotline is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. You do not have to be in a crisis to call the helpline. All calls are confidential, and caller may choose to remain anonymous. If you are in a crisis, our advocates are on-call at all times in order to serve you. If you or someone you know is in need of help as a result of sexual assault or violence, please give us a call. We are always available.

Local  (706) 419-8775​


Trained volunteers and staff are always available for medical and hospital advocacy. Hospital advocates offer unconditional support, important knowledge and resources, and can act as a liaison between you (the survivor), and medical personnel. If you are injured or are in any need of medical treatment, one of our advocates will meet you on scene at the hospital or medical appointment to accompany you. We know that seeking medical attention can be a difficult decision and process for survivors of sexual assault. Our experienced staff will support you the whole way through the process.


Forensic Medical Exams are performed right here at the Sexual Assault Center. If you go to the hospital first,  our staff will arrange to relocate you and your loved ones who are supporting you. Should you decide that a forensic examination is right for you, our center is equipped with a medical suite in a safe, protected environment separate from the local hospital. Once at the center, our experienced Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE/RN) will take the time you need to fully explain and perform the forensic interview and exam. Your Victim Advocate will accompany and provide ongoing support to you throughout the process.


If you would like to speak with an advocate one-on-one, we can set up a time that fits your schedule to meet at the Sexual Assault Center. Whether the assault happened years ago or very recently, we are available for one-on-one support. This support is also available to significant others, family, or friends of survivors. All conversations are confidential. Please note that our staff are here to help, but we are not certified counselors. Our advocates can provide referral to our in-house Licensed Professional Counselor who is experienced as a trauma therapist. We are also happy to refer you to a counseling professional if that would be your preference.


Victim Advocates provide support an information to survivors who choose to prosecute their offenders. Assistance is provided relating to reporting options, the victim's rights, victim impact statements, applying for victim's compensation, as well as legal hearings and processes.


Advocates serve as companions to victims during the court process. It is your right to have your Advocate present with you at your request throughout any part of the criminal justice procedure.


We are able to offer information and referrals to those we serve within the community. We partner with many agencies in Walker, Dade, and Catoosa County, and we are able to assist in finding the services you are looking for. Just ask!


Our licensed and trauma-informed professional counselor is available to our clients at no cost, and is available to work with survivors and their loved ones as they move through the process of recovery. Please call our offices to set up a time to meet with our counselor.


We have found that one of the best tools for serving our community is bringing awareness through educational opportunities. The Sexual Assault Center offers awareness and prevention education to local community groups, parenting organizations, and also offers professional agency training. We are available to present at elementary, middle, high school, and college levels. Curriculum available to the community includes presentations on Human Trafficking, Sexual Assault Prevention, Internet Safety, Stalking, Bullying, Harassment, Teen Dating Violence, and more. We are available and volunteer to present regular basis at health fairs as well. Visit our Education & Outreach tab for further information. To schedule education for your school or community group, contact our office at 706-861-0929.