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The Sexual Assault Victim's Advocacy Center is highly involved in our local communities of Dade, Walker, and Catoosa Counties. We provide continued support and ongoing services for survivors, and we continue to educate within the community to raise awareness. Your help is  greatly appreciated. Upcoming events require a team effort, and sometimes require a team of volunteers from our community. We hope that you will join us for future events to raise awareness and safety, and support survivors within our community!
We are always in need of people to get involved and volunteer/partner with us to help bring awareness to the services we can offer victims in our community! Be sure to check out our Volunteer Program page for more information about volunteering! Our Newsletter page gives you monthly updates and articles about things we are learning here at SAVAC! Finally, be sure to look at our Events page to check out current and upcoming events we have going on in our community! 
We need you! Let's join together and work to end sexual violence in our communities! We can't do this without you!
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