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The Ripple Effect of Sexual Violence

Updated: May 1

Morgan Boles, Advocate/Program Coordinator

Sexual Violence impacts survivors in a number of ways. From increased high risk behaviors following the assault, possible development of PTSD or a variety of other things, we know survivors are impacted in large ways. Something not often addressed is the impact that sexual violence has in the community. A good way to look at it is like a ripple affect. Sexual violence ripples out from the victim and has the potential to impact so many other facets of society. Whether it be an increased amount of resources needed, social services due to lack of income or time off work due to the trauma, court fees, etc.

a drop of water creating a ripple

At SAVAC we recognize the impact sexual violence has on society at large and that is why we try to tackle these issues from a community perspective. We are so thankful to have some incredible community agencies that we partner with to help fight sexual violence. It will take a community response to really help support victims who have been impacted by these crimes.

In the same way that sexual violence ripples into the community, awareness and support can do the same thing. By partnering with SAVAC you can help us spread awareness and educate the community about the services we offer to victims and help make sure that no one feels like they are alone in this.

In April we are having an event to help shine a light on the services available to victims of sexual violence in Walker, Dade, and Catoosa counties.

MY VOICE MATTERS: A Walk to End Sexual Violence, is your chance to partner with us to raise awareness for sexual assault and the help our agency has to offer. Check out the details below!

a flyer about a walk to end sexual violence event including a butterfly release

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