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Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse

Updated: May 1

When one thinks about domestic violence, most often, the physical violence is what is thought about. However, domestic violence is not just physical it can also be psychological, emotional, financial, verbal, or sexual. Maintaining power and control over the victim is the main two things an abuser is trying to do, and when sexual abuse is added to the mix it can combine the worst of both worlds. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, between 40 and 45 percent of women with abusive partners will be sexually assaulted by their abuser during their relationship. Additionally, more than half of all women raped by an intimate partner were sexually assaulted more than once by the same partner.

a victim of violence and sexual abuse grabbing her hair in frustration


  Many Americans do not consider marital rape to be rape. Due to this belief marital rape is the most underreported form of sexual assault. Only 36% of all rape victims ever report a crime to the police, and the percentage of married women who report a spousal rape is even lower. Unfortunately, between 10 and 14 percent of married women will be raped at some point during their marriages. Being married does not give the right to anyone to force and manipulate another being for sexual pleasure or for control. If you know anyone who is going through this, please give us a call at (706) 419-8775 or (706)861-0929.

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